Friday, June 26, 2009

Saturday June 20th

Last Saturday night - James, Travis and I ventured up to central Louisiana to check out the scene. On the way up, James and I had fun thinking of people to call that might be able to look online and tell us what the moon phase was going to be. We got up there and introduced ourselves to yet another surprised Chevron employee. Travis arrived a little later in the "silver bullet". Michael didn't join us because he wasn't answering his phone for some reason.

We first went over to a friend's house kinda near the zoo to setup a light in his back yard (James had known him for years). After we setup we went back out to check the parking lots again. For the night we found: one Pelidnota, one female Dynastes and maybe about 15 Strategus. The light rig didn't really bring in much but the evening was fun anyway.